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Honorable Mention Contest Winners

Once we got going, we just couldn’t stop! We awarded gift certificates to some wonderful Honorable Mentions (read about them below) and coupons to all of our May Day Contest participants.

Here are some excerpts from our Honorable Mentions:

Ellen Beck made us laugh with her essay titled, “The Old Knees Aren't What They Used To Be!” Ellen said raised beds would help her create a real “garden from Iowa” as opposed to the bare lot she’s looking at now. Hopefully her gift certificate will allow her to meet her goal to “beautify & make my city neighborhood more green- an open spot amongst houses pushed too closely together!”

Regina Ackley was “Dreaming of a Community Victory Garden” when she wrote her essay. A resident of Belton, Texas, her goal was to plant “an amazing Victory garden, an edible, functional landscape to draw the passerby’s attention and to offer fresh produce to our local food pantry.”  We hope that a gift certificate can help her plant a garden that she can “share with my fellow citizens that not only nourishes their bodies but their hearts and minds as well.”

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our contest. Stay tuned for more contests as the season goes on, and please continue to share our Facebook page and all its promotions, information, and contests with your friends!


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